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About Swoon Swimwear

Design Inspiration

Kristy Kleist Designer Swoon SwimwearMy inspiration for Swoon Swimwear was born after falling in love and getting married. Swoon’s romantic bikinis play off of the feelings of being in love, daydreaming about the beach, and packing for a passionate getaway. The line’s aesthetic is not driven by fleeting trends but instead by enduring beauty.

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Designer Bio

Kristy Kleist Designer Swoon SwimwearI was around 8 years old, my mom had set me up at the kitchen table with some paper and a few pencils to occupy me while she was doing the dishes. Light from the window in front of her filled the room. I remember sitting there contently working on fashion sketches. It was the 80’s so there was always an off the shoulder look represented in each of my collections.

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Made With Love in the USA

Swoon Swimwear is Ethically Made in the USAThe fashion industry is pretty on the outside but rather ugly on the inside. Fast and cheap fashion is not environmentally friendly, exploits child labor, workers are subjected to toxic chemicals that are dumped into water ways and landfills are overflowing with yesterday’s disposable garments.

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