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Swoon Swimwear Featured on Selflessly Styled

Swoon Swimwear featured on the Selflessly Styled Blog

Selflessly Styled is an online resource for conscious consumers. Ellie, the writer, made the conscious decision to only purchase ethically-made (or secondhand) clothing in 2015. The more she researched, the more passionate she became about empowering others to shop ethically while maintaining their personal sense of style. Selflessly Styled is dedicated to making ethical shopping attainable for everyone. In addition to Ellie’s product reviews the site provides an extensive directory of ethically made fashion finds.

This week Swoon Swimwear was proudly featured in Selflessly Styled. Read Ellie’s Swoon Swimwear review…

Reversible Bikini (made in the USA)


It may be the season of snowflakes and hot chocolate, but you’ll feel like you’re in the tropics when you see this amazing bikini by Swoon Swimwear. Ethically made in the USA, this bikini is reversible and the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn.

Swoon Swimwear featured on Selflessly Styled

Swoon Swimwear featured on Selflessly Styled

I received my hand-made bikini right before our recent vacation, perfect timing! I packed another swimsuit for the week as well, but I never ended up using it… that’s how much I adore this suit. I mainly wore it with the floral side out on this trip (it just seemed perfect for Florida), but the snow leopard pattern will be an ideal option for less-tropical swim sessions (think a winter dip in the hot tub!)

Swoon Swimwear featured in Selflessly Styled

Swoon Swimwear takes the ethical creation of their pieces incredibly seriously and it shows on their website. As far as ethically made swimsuits go, these are really affordable. Most of the pieces are around $50, and since they’re reversible, you basically get 2 unique bikinis for $100… that’s a deal you won’t find many other places!

Swoon Swimwear featured on Selflessly Styled

The suit is so comfortable and the material is wonderfully thick. I have already recommended it to so many friends. There are a few other super cute cuts on Swoon’s website that would be great for different body types if the racer back top isn’t your style. Go snag one for your winter getaway, or stash it away for warmer days!