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Swoon Swimwear is Proudly Made in the USA

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Swoon Swimwears Mission Statement


Beautiful, Thoughtful & Meaningful

Swoon designs and produces small batches of ethically-made bikinis. The brand is built on strong values, so as a shopper you can feel good about every single part of the process. Swoon’s mission is to support female owned businesses, keep jobs in America, and sell directly to consumers at an honest and affordable price. Most importantly I can stand behind Swoon Swimwear knowing that the bikinis are not made by children or sweatshops, and every party involved in making Swoon Swimwear is paid a fair wage for their great work. I am proud to know that everyone who wears a Swoon Swimsuit can feel as great about it as I do.

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What is Ethical Fashion?

The general definition of ethical fashion, is fashion that aims to reduce the negative impact on people, animals, and the planet. Producing an item of clothing involves design, labour, and materials. Ethical fashion is kind to the planet and people every step of the way: from seed to garment.

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Swoon Swimwear - Ethically Made Reversible Bikinis

Swoon Swimwear

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About Swoon Swimwear

Hello and welcome, let me tell you a little bit about Swoon…

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Made with Love in the USA

Swoon, an ethically made, American brand.